Olympic 10m Air Rifle Range

Air Rifles

An air rifle or airgun, is a gun that shoots projectiles pneumatically with compressed air or other gases that are mechanically pressurized involving no chemical reactions; in contrast to a firearm, which pressurizes the gases chemically. One of the first air rifles was the Girardoni air rifle invented by Bartolomeo, Girardoni circa 1779. The weapon was also known as Windb├╝chse (wind rifle in German). One of the rifle's more famous uses was in the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore and map the western part of North America in the early 1800s.

Compressed air guns had some disadvantages which were the reason firearms supplanted them, especially in the war environment. Air rifles required deposits, which were expensive and awkward to handle, requiring immense physical strength. In addition, they required certain basic mechanics knowledge that not all soldiers had. On top of this, the deposits were delicate and risked explosion. Regardless of all compressed air rifles being removed from the battlefield, their use continued for hunting and sporting activities.

International Shooting Sports Federation

Nowadays, air rifles are common in relation to sporting activities. The International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF), founded in 1907, started as shooting clubs and has expanded since, including women in open World Championships since 1937. In the 1960s and 70s, there have been air rifle and pistol events added to their program also allowing women to compete with men.

Since 1984, there have been shooting competitions using air guns at the Olympic Games. The 10-meter air rifle is an ISSF shooting event, shot over a distance of 10 meters. Using specialized clothing is allowed to improve stability of the shooting position and prevent chronic back injury, which can be caused by the asymmetric offset load on the spine when the rifle is held in position. Shots are fired from the standing position only, as opposed to some other airgun shooting disciplines such as three positions (standing, kneeling, and prone) or in disabled sports.

10-Meter Air Rifle Training and Competition

From the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games featuring air rifles to NRA's Open Air Gun Championships to British Air Rifle and Air Pistol Championships, Air guns are prolific weapons used for sports and training, preliminary weaponry training; among the weapons to train and employ, the air rifle provides a unique experience. The X-caliber junior rifle team, in Cheyenne Wyoming, is a shooting sports association dedicated to assisting junior athletes achieve sports competition goals.

What is meant by a person of high caliber? Someone with higher ability, someone with mental and physical prowess. Such acuity is paramount to air rifle training and competition. In Laramie Wyoming, Crossed Rifles Ranch, LLC will educate you to become a person of higher caliber. CRR is a place where you can train, obtain instruction, host tournaments, and/or spectate. Even King Arthur had to sharpen Excalibur.

X Caliber Junior Rifle Team