Thomas Baker is a retired Marine Corps 'Mustang' officer with 36 years of enlisted, commissioned, active, reserve and contractor service. He has in excess of eight years Boots-on-Ground (BOG) in Mogadishu, Chicken Head region of Central Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Jerusalem; four years of which under combat conditions. As a second lieutenant he was first awarded the coveted Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) for actions in Mogadishu during Operation Restore Hope. His Table of Equipment (ToE) weapon was the Remington 870 shotgun. As a Captain he was involved in a tragic training accident. He and a Lance Corporal under his command were each shot by one 7.62×51mm round fired from three M240Gs. Both recovered from their wounds.

As enlisted, he served as a Marine Security Guard at the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem and during the Soviet War in Afghanistan at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. As a commissioned officer he was determined to be uniquely qualified and assigned the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of Military Police Officer. During his career he specialized in Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP). Force protection consists of preventive measures taken to mitigate hostile actions against Department of Defense resources, facilities, and critical information. During his first deployment to Iraq he was recruited as a contractor forensics lab manager. He supported Marine Corps kinetic operations in Ramadi, Iraq and U.S. Army non-kinetic operations in Kalsu, Iraq. Battlefield forensic Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) acquired evidence has been used to enhance intelligence, support prosecutions, and focus targeting efforts.

He served two one year plus tours with Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA) and Special Operations Command Central Command (SOCCENT); ATFP advisor to the Commanding General, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Forward in Afghanistan and senior officer of a three man team to Yemen to conduct vulnerability assessments at three Special Forces Forward Operating Bases (FOB). The FOBs were operating under Force Condition (FPCON) Delta. FPCON D applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or individual is imminent. He concluded his thirty-six year career and was determined 100 percent service connected disabled in March 2019. In addition to his physical injuries he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and moral injury .

Upon retirement he acquired 107 acres in Southeast Wyoming and began construction of Crossed Rifles Ranch, LLC. Facilities and acreage intended to offer the individual, family or group a broad range of activities, adventures, instruction, and training based on his extensive knowledge and experience acquired during three plus decades of military, law enforcement, force protection and forensic service.

Additionally, Crossed Rifles Ranch offers various camping, RV and bunk room accommodations as well as familiarization and hands on opportunities in traditional and advanced farming techniques, sub-grade green house, vertical farming and aquaponics. Animal husbandry, the day-to-day care, selective breeding and raising of livestock for meat, milk, eggs, or other products is also available. Aforementioned is intended to provide a full range of preparedness and survival familiarization against the backdrop of adrenaline-fueled activities in order to keep the participant, family or group engaged, excited and learning.