Olympic 10m Air Rifle Range "Hit a period at the end of a sentence at 10 meters."
USCCA Certified Weapon Safety, Concealed Carry, Home Defense & Defensive shooting
Weapons Handling/ Employment & Firing Positions

Positions: Bench rest, Prone, Sitting, Kneeling & Off hand (Standing)
Knife, Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle
Offensive Movement to Contact
Static & Dynamic Shooter & Targets
Low light/No Light

Knife, Tomahawk, Bow & Arrow, Compound & Cross Bows
Marine Corps Pistol & Rifle Qualification Courses
Long Range Shooting 300-500 yards 'Ring Steel at 500 yards.'
Close-quarters combat (CQC) Hand to hand Close-quarters battle (CQB) Less than 50 meters

Learn a New Skill at Crossed Rifles Ranch

Offering outdoor activities and training courses in Wheatland, WY

You never know when self-defense and survival skills will come in handy. Crossed Rifles Ranch, LLC offers a variety of combat and weapons training courses designed to help you improve your self-defense skills. When you visit our ranch in Wheatland, WY, you can take a course in:

Weapon safety and defensive shooting
Weapon handling and firing positions
Marine Corps pistol and rifle qualifications
Forest and winter survival
Combat and life-saving skills
Rappelling and belaying
Knife, tomahawk, crossbow, and bow and arrow use and safety

We'll provide all the necessary training and equipment for you to enjoy fun, challenging and educational outdoor activities.

Get in some target practice

Once you've completed one of our weapons training courses, you can use your new skills to compete at our:

Skeet shooting range
Olympic 10-meter range
USMC Pistol Range
USMC 500 Yard Range

Guests are permitted to bring their own weapons and equipment or draw cross rifles ranch standard pistols and rifles.